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Family & Cosmetic Dentistry - Scottsdale Dental Care - Modern Oral Care Services

Scottsdale Dental Care has been serving central Scottsdale for over two decades. Dr. Ronald K. Thompson has been practicing dentistry for over twenty-five years and brings to the profession an exceptional level of quality care, high standards and a genuine enthusiasm for the artistry of dentistry. Patients of Scottsdale Dental Care will be pleased to know that Dr. Thompson is willing to be clear and up-front about treatment options and costs. 

A Senior-Friendly Dental Practice 

When it comes to dentistry for seniors, Scottsdale Dental Care really stands out from the crowd. Dr. Thompson is particularly experienced in attending to the wear and breakdown of crowns, bridges and other common dental restorations. By offering an array of dental technologies, methods and procedures, Dr. Thomson is able to supply effective treatment plans to improve your smile and help you manage dental health into your budget.

General Dentistry

Dr. Thompson builds trusting relationships with his patients. From preventive education, hygiene visits and dental exams, his gentle approach to improving oral health is effective and appreciated. Dr. Thompson provides modern dental techniques to provide improvements to both aesthetics and function. Our general dental procedures include:

Same Day Crowns - A CEREC milling machine, creates crowns in one day as a convenient method to cosmetically restoring a damaged tooth with a durable restoration. 

Dental Implants – Our high-tech imaging system is an effective tool when placing dental implants. This stand along tooth root replacement will support cosmetic and durable restorations, including crowns, bridges, and dentures like All-on-4 and overdentures.  

Invisalign® – An alternative to metal braces, the nearly invisible system of aligners treats malocclusion problems in a gentler more comfortable manner. 

Night Guards - Patients should protect their dental investment. Many patients are not aware of their clenching or grinding habits. These habits can play a role in the breakdown of tooth structure, jaw discomfort and changes in how a patient bites and chews. A protective appliance such as a night guard is custom made  to fit your teeth and protect those teeth form further damage. 

Root Canals and Extractions – When a tooth is severely damaged or infected, Dr. Thompson provides  root canal therapy to save the tooth from being extracted. A root canal removes the nerve of the tooth while leaving the tooth in place. When the nerve of the tooth is removed, the tooth will become brittle. To prevent the tooth from breaking, a full coverage crown will be necessary to fully protect the tooth for it's role in comfortable biting and chewing. When the tooth is cannot be saved, extractions are performed gently with patient comfort in mind. There are additional procedures that Dr. Thompson can provide to replace missing teeth.

Emergency Dental Care

We are a uniquely flexible practice and will accommodate patients who wish to make appointments in the early morning or late afternoon hours. Emergency care is available, and Dr. Thompson is prepared to facilitate emergency procedures on short notice when necessary. Our staff make every effort to schedule same day emergency dental care appointments.

We look forward to seeing you soon and providing the excellent dental care you deserve. If you have any questions about our practice, please feel free to call us at: (480) 949-5727 to schedule an appointment

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