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Scottsdale Senior Dentist - Dr. Ronald K. Thompson - Geriatric Dental Care

When it comes to dental care, your age and oral health factors make a difference to your bite. Our Scottsdale, AZ, practice provides dentistry for seniors with various dental health needs. We dedicate ourselves to gentle care that will save as much natural tooth as possible. With comprehensive dental care you can trust, our geriatric dental patients can feel at ease knowing their oral health will be improved and preserved. We offer experienced dental care for a large community of active seniors, and “snowbirds” are welcome to visit, even if this isn’t your primary dental home. 

Compassionate, Conservative Dentistry Scottsdale Dentistry for Seniors

When senior patients comes into our office, we give them a thorough dental examination to survey their current dental health and the condition of restorations, and then we address problems with a personalized dental strategy. With seniors, many issues stem from old restorations such as crowns and fillings that have begun to show wear and tear, tooth decay issues, and dentures that need replacement. Dr. Thompson offers solutions to all of these problems such as: 

These are but a few options to restore a healthy bite, and each one is tailored to the individual dentitions need. It is fulfilling to restore the confidence of a full smile, place dentures that won’t fall out, and install restorations that will last. If complex care is needed, we will provide a comfortable, comprehensive plan for treatment. 

Comprehensive Dental Planning

Seniors can rely on us to create a plan that will address their immediate and long-term needs. If a senior is taking new medication, and it causes their mouth to be dry, then we can work around that to ensure their oral health isn’t compromised. Our goal here is to serve the needs of our patients, not to force them into a treatment plan that costs the most. We want to provide necessary, comprehensive, treatments that will be the most cost-effective. 

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Seniors deserve compassionate dental care to benefit their golden years, and our dental team here wants to provide that care. Contact us to schedule your next dental exam and receive thorough, gentle care that will restore oral functionality and confidence.