CEREC & Procera Crowns

Committed to offering you the latest technology, Scottsdale Dental Care offers two top technologies for crown procedures.  A crown is a covering that is made in the shape of your tooth. They are bonded to damaged teeth to help them be stronger and look all natural. 

Traditionally, crowns manufacturing and insertion require two visits to the dental office. Scottsdale Dental Care offers CEREC crowns-in-a-day and Procera crowns.

CEREC Crowns-In-A-Day |

Dr. Thompson proudly offers CAD technology which allows him to take an impression of your teeth digitally. This considerably shortens down the time required for your crowns to be ready and inserted. With this technology, he can right away design, build, and insert your CEREC crowns. All within about 90 minutes!

Traditional crowns can be made of porcelain, metal, or both. The dentist uses a putty substance to take an impression of your teeth. This impression is then taken to a lab which will usually take a few weeks to prepare your customized crown. In the meantime, your dentist glues a temporary crown. When the crown is ready, you need to come for a second visit to get them inserted. 

You can see how then same-day CEREC crowns offer some major advantages.


  • More free time. Instead of having to make two long appointments and waiting weeks for your crown to be ready, you bring that down to only one session. 
  • Less money. You do not have to pay for a second appointment or for temporary crowns anymore. Not to mention that you don’t use productive time at the dentist office.
  • Greater comfort. No more putty-like gooey (and almost suffocating) impressions or imperfect temporary crowns.
  • High quality. The quality of our crowns is guaranteed to look natural and stay durable. 
CEREC Crown-in-one-Day image

Procera Layered Crowns |

Procera crowns are completely metal-free crowns made of ceramic. They are highly durable and offer a beautiful and natural look. They are made with an aluminum oxide base fabricated through CAD technology. 

The manufacture of Procera layered crowns require the skills of a certified and experienced dental surgeon. This means that the CAD impression is sent to a dental laboratory, where a dental technician constructs this thin hard-edged ceramic material to be used as a base for the porcelain application. 

While you will need two visits to the dentist for the Procera crowns procedure, the time between visits will be as little as one week. The quality of this layered crowns is definitely a far cry from traditional crowns and offer some important advantages:

  • Easy and comfortable installation
  • Treatment is short and very convenient
  • The look is more natural

Contact us and save an appointment with Scottsdale Dental Care and let us put a huge smile on your face.