Root Canals

Are you experiencing pain in one or more teeth? Have you noticed greater sensitivity to hot or cold substances? You may have an infected tooth that requires immediate attention.


The area underneath the hard shell of the tooth is the pulp and it is soft. Nerves extend down through the internal channels of the tooth. If the nerves or the soft tissues of a tooth become infected, a painful infection in the tooth happens. If not treated early, the infection can cause an abscess that results in swelling, tooth loss, and bone deterioration.


In order to save this infected tooth, the dentist performs a root canal treatment. Let Dr. Thompson get you through the procedure comfortably at Scottsdale Dental Care.

How Do I Know I Need a Root Canal? |

As we mentioned above, a tooth’s nerve can become infected, inflamed, and irritated. Now, the question is what makes this happen. Several causes are deep teeth decay, large fillings, repeated dental procedures, a crack or chip, or a trauma to the face. 

The most common symptom indicating the need for a root canal is tooth pain. This pain can vary in intensity from mild to intense and it may fluctuate in intensity throughout the day. It can also get worse when you bite down on the tooth. 

Patients will also usually suffer increased sensitivity to hot food or liquids. Another indication of an infected tooth is tender and swollen gums near the area surrounding the tooth. 

If the pain has become unbearable, apply an ice pack to the outside of the jaw while you go to the dentist’s office. Mild symptoms usually mean that the infection has not reached the nerves and a less invasive procedure is prescribed. If the pain is too intense, there is a higher chance for a root canal procedure to take place. 

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What to Expect From Your Root Canal Procedure |

A root canal procedure is performed in one appointment. However, root canal therapy will require one more appointment to complete. Our specialist will first take digital X-rays to take a look at how infected the pulp is. If he determines that a root canal is indeed necessary, this is the procedure that you can expect:

  1. First and foremost, our experts will ensure you feel comfortable and at ease. A local anesthetic will prevent pain during the procedure, and dental sedation will help you relax. Take advantage of our patient amenities to make your experience the best it can be, and never be afraid to ask questions!
  2. The dentist will create a small opening in the tooth and remove the infected tissue, pulp, and nerves.
  3. He will fill the interior of the tooth with a protective medication and then place a temporary filling or sealant compound.
  4. Finally, your dentist will place a dental crown to restore the tooth to its optimal appearance and function.

Our priority is to make our patients feel comfortable and welcome here at Scottsdale Dental Care. We are looking forward to bring you into our family. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today!

Call Dr. Ron Thompson at Scottsdale Dental Care for an examination. Only he can tell if you actually need a root canal.